Yangtze River Trip in May

Column:China Holiday Tours Time:2023-12-02
Chongqing, Yangtze river cruise, Wuhan trip

Chongqing, Yangtze river cruise, Wuhan trip


Tour dates: April Sweeping Tomb(Qingming) Holiday--May arrange 3 nights and 4 days trip according to your holiday schedule


The Yangtze river is the longest river in China and is the 3rd longest in the world. between the towns of Fengjie in Sichuan province and Yichang in Hubei province lie Three Great Gorges(Qutang, Wu, and Xiling), regarded as some of the most spectacular scenery attractions in all of China. The cruise ship will dock at several locations along the route. Of the three gorges, the Qutang Gorge is magnificent and precipitous, the Wu Gorge is deep and beautiful and Xiling Gorge has rapids and many rocks. the water in the Mini Three Gorges is clean and both banks are blanked in trees and have many historical sites, scenic spots and lovely legends. Today, a huge dam is being built along the Three Goreges and it will offer visitors a new look amidst the precipitous gorges.


Chongqing, the “mountain city”, with t total population of 30 million, can now fairly claim to be the workld’s largest metropolitan region.


Day 1:Arrive in Chongqing

Fly from home (in the late afternoon) cities to Chongqing.


Day 2: Chongqing/Dazu/Chongqing

After breakfast, enjoy  a city tour of this city in the morning and bus to Dazu county to visit the spectacular buddhist cave carvings, one of the world heritages. forty sites have been found with 30.000 carvings in 290 niches and grottos. the earliest sculptures date from the tang dynasty. some of the carvings are massive with a giant reclining buddha measuring 31 meters long, and a statue of avalokiteshvara seated on a lotus, with her 1,000 hands spread out over 88 square meters of rock.  Board on the cruise after dinner.

overnight on the cruise ship


Day 3: On the cruise

This ship sails this morning as you begin your scenic journey downstream on the yangtze. Visit Fengdu, the ghost city in the afternoon. That evening enjoy a special” welcome” dinner with captain.

overnight on the cruise ship


Day 4: On the cruise

Dock at Shennong river for excursion in motorized sampans. Later, after reboarding the cruise ship. enjoy different entertainment arranged by the cruise management.

overnight on the cruise


Day 5: Yichang/Wuhan

Pass through the 5-grade dam. Visit the world’s largest dam site, the Three Gorges Dam, and hydroelectric power project.

Disbark today in Yichang at noon. Bus to wuhan in the afternoon.

overnight in wuhan


Day 6: Wuhan/Home

Visit the famous yellow crane pavilion (huanghelou) on sheshan (snake hill)by the river bridge. mentioned in many chinese poems, it gets it name from a taoist priest who, according to legend, arrived here riding on a Yellow Crane on his journey to become an immortal soul.

Fly back to home cities in the afternoon.