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Qingdao and Kite City Trip
Tour date: In April


Day 01: Arrive in Qingdao at noon or early afternoon.
isit the Little Fish Hill to have a bird eye view of the old city of 
ingdao; Visit the Pier which is the symbol of Qingdao and the
ight Passes area along the sea side where used to be the villas area
built by different west countries in 19th centuries.

Day 02: Qingdao to Weifang by bus to visit the Yangjiabu Folk Village and a
kite work shop  and wood cut painting work shop inside to see how to
            make kites and wood cut paintings which is also a good place to buy
            the best  kites in China.
            To visit the kite competition playground area where you will see
            hundreds of different kites in the sky.
            Bus back to qingdao in the afternoon.
Day 03:Visit the old and new city area in Qingdao (the No.1 beach and May 04
           Square and the Stone Old Man beach)  Cisit the laoshan mountain area
           which is the daoism place to appreciate the beautiful mountain and sea.
           Fly back home cities in the afternoon.

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