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 Winter holiday tour in Southwest China
Tour date: Jan/Feb
Day 1: HK/Shenzhen
Depart Hong kong for shenzhen by bus. Tthe tour guide will meet you outside the customs area at the shenzhen. Visit the China Folk Culture Village and the Splendid China Park(this tourist site was patterned after the Polynesian Cultural in Hawaii.) the center recreates 24 life-sized ethnic minority villages. the Splendid China Park contains all most famous scenery spots all over china. In the evening, enjoy the great show of traditional china dance and singing in the park.
Day 2:Shenzhen/Guilin
Take the morning flight to Guilin. Upon arriving there, visit reed flute cave,240 meters underground and filled with exotic rock formations and fantastic shapes lit by colored lights. the crystal palace of the dragon king, a grotto in the center of the cave, can hold more than a 1000 people. also see elephant Trunk Hill (Xiangbi Shan) which resembles an elephant dipping its trunk in the river.
Day 3: Guilin/Yangshuo
A 4.5 hour cruise down the Li river, the connecting waterway between Guilin and Yangshuo, is on the agenda for this morning. A thousand years ago a poet wrote of the scenery in this area:“the river forms s green gauze belt, the mountains are like blue jade hairpins.” Perhaps it is not exactly that but you will see some extraordinary limestone peaks, sprays of bamboo along the riverbanks, cormorant fisherman in small boats, and picturesque villages. Upon arrival in Yangshuo take time to scout the street markets and the “Western Street” markets. In the evening, enjoy the cormorants catching fishes performance on small boats.  
Day 4:Yangshuo/Guilin/Kunming
Spend a leisurely morning visiting the countryside in a cart. Travel down the backroads and fields to see lush farmland, rice paddies, and some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine. After lunch, travel by bus back to Guilin . that evening depart by air for kunming.
Day 5:Kunming/Lijiang
 Today you will visit the stone forest, a massive collection of limestone pillars eroded by wind and rain to shape fanciful forms.
Board an afternoon flight to historic lijiang, near the tibetan border in northern yunnan province.
Day 6: Lijiang
Take the entire day to explore lijiang`s old town ---a delightful maze of cobbled streets, rickety old wooden buildings, gushing canals, bustling street markets tended by merchants in traditional naxi costumes. come and go as you please during the day! 
(Free time the whole day, lunch on your own in the old town—you may try the local food, or western fast food )
Day 7:Lijiang/Dali
Enjoy the view as you ride a cable car up jade dragon snow mountain (weather permitting).Take a leisurely stroll around black dragon pool park. Be sure and have the camera ready to use! There are some fantastic photo opportunities here. Travel to Dali by bus this afternoon. This historic city is set against a stunning backdrop ,Erhai lake with the imposing Cangshan mountain range behind it.
Day 8:Dali
Visit some of the oldest standing structures in southwestern china, the famous 3 pagodas of Dali. The Chongsheng Temple behind the pagodas is built in traditional Yunnanese style. See Erhai lake, the seventh largest in China. you can watch large junks or smaller boats with cormorants lined up for their turn to do the fishing. Take a cruise around the lake. on board you will enjoy a bai(ethnic group) song and dance performance.
Day 9: Dalin/Kunming
Today you will have free time to explore the old section of Dali for the whole morning. Take an afternoon  flight to Kunming and upon arriving there, visit the grand pavilion in Kunming to appreciate the ancient culture and literature of China.
Day 10:Kunming/home
Depart Kunming by air for home cities.

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