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As one of china’s four municipalities directly under the central government, Shanghai is China’s leading industrial commercial city and major financial center. It is located in the middle of the coast of the chinese mainland and on the southern shore of the yangtze river estuary, with a population about 16,74 million. The famous huangpu river flows through shanghai, which is in the possession of a host of historical scenes and sights that testify to the city’s modern-time glory as a national commercial and financial center. the policy of reform and opening up to the

outside world has transformed shanghai into a sophisticated metropolis with a well-developed network of land, air and sea transportation. Catering and entertainment services are distinctive of the tourist industry of shanghai. many countries, such as canada, france, russia, iran, cuba, the republic of korea, germany and many other countries have established consulates-general in shanghai.

    As one of famous historical and cultural cities in china and noted internationalized metropolis, shanghai has a long history and is rich in tourist resources, among the major attractions an historical sites in the city are yuyuan garden, yufo (jade buddha) temple in jiading district, wusongkou fort and site of the first national congress of the chinese communist party. new developed tourist attractions include yangpu and nanpu bridges, the oriental pearl tv tower, new bund, nanjing road, lujiazui, new pudong district, shanghai grand theater, shanghai museum, and so on.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

    As one of China’s four municipalities directly under the central government, Shanghai is China’s leading industrial commercial city and major financial center. It is located in the middle of the coast of the Chinese mainland and on the southern shore of the Yangtze River estuary, with a population about 16,74 million. The famous Huangpu River flows through Shanghai, which is in the possession of a host of historical scenes and sights that testify to the city’s

Yuyuan Garden

    The Yuyuan Garden on the road of the same name in downtown is perhaps the best example of classical gardens of Shanghai. Built in 1559 in the Ming dynasty, the garden is laid out in an intricate manner, with delicate designed buildings spaced providently and courtyards mutually containing, and all the components of the complex are cunningly grouped to camouflage a rather cramped space. As a masterpiece of the south Chinese classical garden in the Ming and Qing style, it is a MUST for all visitors to Shanghai. The neighboring Yuyuan Bazaar, known in the past as “Old City God’s Temple Market”,
is a rising tourist and shopping center where visitors loitering among a cluster of shops, restaurants and recreation facilities invariably find themselves making a tour of discovery of local folklore and Ming and Qing architecture

Shanghai Grand Theater

    Located at the People's Square, the city's heart, the Shanghai Grand Theatre occupies an area of 2.1 hectares, facing the People's Boulevard in the south, along Huangpi Beilu in the west, next to the Shanghai Municipal Building in the East.
With a total construction area of 62,803 square meters and a total height of 40 meters, the Shanghai Grand Theatre has 10 storeys, two for underground, two for lofts and six on the ground. Designed by Charpentier's France, the new style architecture combines the Eastern and Western flavor. It looks like a crystal
palace in the light at night as the white arc-shaped roof joins coherently with the light-sensitive glass curtain wall.
    The lobby of Shanghai Grand Theatre is approximate 2000 square meters with the white as its main tone, which signifies elegant and pure. A large chandelier, formed by six pan-pipes shaped lamp, is suspended in the lobby. The floor is made of a rare marble called "Greece Crystal White". The patterns shaped like piano digital, together with the pillar and the stairs, are full of rhythms. While being inside, it's really like staying in a musical world.

Shanghai Museum

    The Shanghai museum collects bronze ware from the Shang and Zhou dynasties (16th to 3rd century B.C.), pottery, porcelain, calligraphy and paintings. It also boasts collections of sculptures, seals, currency and arts & crafts of various dynasties.


Huangpu River Cruise

    When the lower section of the Huangpu River, which rises from the Taihu Lake, flows through the city of Shanghai for 39 km, its water surface extends as wide as 400 meters. A cruise on the river involves a 60-km-long round trip which runs past some of the major landmarks of Shanghai as a port city.

New Bund

    The picturesque Bund, extending for 1.5 km on the shore of the Huangpu River, is an emblem of Shanghai. A total of 52 tall buildings of various heights tower over the river along the western side of the Bund, looking like a museum of modern world architecture. The wide riverfront promenade along the eastern side of the Bund provides a captivating view of Shanghai. When lights are turned on between 19:00 and 21:00pm, the Bund has the best nocturnal scene to offer.

Yangpu and Nanpu Bridges

    The Yangpu and Nanpu bridges are 7,658 and 8,346 meters long respectively, amongthe longest bridges of the world. Both are of double cable-stayed suspensiontype with a long span. Open 8:30 –17:00.

Nanjing Road

    Flanked on both sides by famed shopping centers, department stores, specialty stores, exotic restaurants and cultural and recreational facilities, the 5-km-long Nanjing Road is a real heaven for tourists to do shopping in Shanghai. Every day it is thronged by more than 1 million visitors.

Yufo Temple

    The Yufo (Jade Buddha) Temple was built in 1882, and covers 8,000 square meters. The temple got its name from the two jade statues of Sakyamuni, one seated and one reclining, both brought from Myanmar.



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