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     As a new town, guilin has a history no more than 10 years, but as an old town, it has a history of more than 2,000 years. in 1999, in order to strengthen guilin’s status as a tourist attraction and promote the economic development the new city as established under the approval of the state council. 
     Now, the city takes an area of 27,797 square kilometers with a population of 4.79 million. Since the expansion of the city, the new government decided to give top priority to turism and make better use of the rich resources to develop its economy. Therefore the tourism industry in the town’s economy plays a key role. In 2002, the city received 10.97 million tourists and the tourism income amounted to 4.99 billion yuan.

     In Guilin, there are about 30 ethnic groups living there, such as Zhuang, Hui, Miao, Yao, Dong and others. Guilin is reputed as a city with “the most beautiful hills and rivers on earth”. Its fantastic scenery and cultural heritage attract million of tourists each year from both home and abroad. In china, there is an saying that goes this way “ the mountains and waters of guilin is second to none under heaven.” it is said that guilin is unique in four aspects: verdant mountains, lovely waters, strange caves and charming rocks and in addition there are four excellent views: deep ponds, dangerous shoals, flowing springs and torrential waterfalls


FuBo Hill

      Fubo (whirlpool) hill towers stately in the northeast of the city, with half of it in the li river. on the eastern side of the hill are a winding corridor facing the river, a teahouse and a “listening to the waves pavilion” built along the cliff of the hill. on the west side, a flight of stone steps leads to the kuishui pavilion, which is half way up the hill, then to the top. at the foot of the hill are the “ pearl-returning cave” and “one thousand buddha’s cave”.

 In the “pearl-retiring cave,” there hangs form the ceiling a rock, which nearly touches the ground. in the “one thousand buddha’s cave,” there are in fact more than 200 buddha statues, most of which were caved in the tang and song dynasties. In addition, there still exist very many stone carvings, among which are a portrait and an autograph done by mi fu (1051-1107), a distinguished painter and calligrapher of the northern song dynasty. Because of the beautiful sights and its peculiar caves, he hill is acclaimed as “fu bo resort”.

The Seven-Star Park

     About 1.5 kilometers a way form the city proper, the seven-star park is located on the east bank of the li river. Founded in 1949, the park has an area of 100 acres with four parts, including the plough, purple mist over the camel hump, osmanthus trees and the forest of steles. the park is famous for the strangeness of hills, the clearness of waters and the marvels of caves. The plough is a major attraction in guilin and the park is named after it. The plough board is formed by the four peaks of the putuo hill, which are called tianshu, tianxuan, tianji and tianquan,while the

plough tail consists of the following three peaks—Yuheng, Kaiyang and Yaoguang. They are known as the crescent hill. the camel hill is just shaped like a camel squatting on the ground. The two limpid waters—the Xiaodong river and the Lingjiang steam flowing through the park, join together under the old flower bridge and the wind southward by the hill. Reflections of the green peak and

The bridge in the water form a fascinating picture. Nestling in the hills and connected by winding paths are arbors and pavilions with red pillars and green tiles. arched gates, flights of stone steps and thickly shaded walks, all seem to be very tranquil and pleasant. When the autumn wind begins to blow the entire park is filled with the perfume of golden cassia flowers. There are caves in the hills inside the park. The most illustrious one is the seven-star cave.

YangShuo Scenery


Yangshuo, about 65 kilometers southeast of guilin, has a population about 300,000. It is located in the upper reaches of gui river, and li river runs through it. the county sits on typical karst topography where the green mountains and jade-like streams are everywhere. The scenery along the li river is so attractive that the famous chinese traveler of the ming dynasty xu xiake (1586-1644) once described it as “the world of green lotus and jade-color bamboo shoots.” yangshuo boosts four major scenic areas with over 20 scenic spots, each with its own peculiarity. Furthermore, the landscape changes color and looks different with the changes of the season and the day, and gives different tastes in different weather. Of interest to visitors are green lotus peak, yangshuo park, mount painting and mount moon. There is a very popular saying:”guilin’s scenes are the finest under heaven, but yangshuo’s are still better.” It is a very popular tourist destination, as well as a good place to live and work. Green lotus peak

     So called because the peak looks like a blossoming lotus flower, in the major hill of yangshuo county. to its east is the li river and to the west , the county seat. walking along the river bank, the tourist can enjoy mountains in distance and waters nearby, and quite a number of stone inscriptions. Getting into the “art gallery” river-facing pavilion the tourist sees pictures of natural beauty all around, and going up higher into the jianshan tower, the tourist commands a spectacular view of all the hills and peaks and all the streams far and near.

YangShuo Park

     Located in the county seat, the park is surrounded by hills, with a stream running through it. in the park there are duxiu hill, xilang hill and zhongling hill. on the top of the zhongshan hill, there built the crane-freeing pavilion, the pavilion for meeting the immortals and reposing on the clouds pavilion.
     Ancient banyan tree and pierced-through rock the 1,300-odd-year-old banyan tree is located only 7 kilometers south of the yangshou county. Its branches spread out in all directions and its roots twisting crisscross, and the tree takes six men to enclose its

  trunk with their arms stretched out. under the tree there is an aged ferry, called “aged ferry under the shade of the aged banyan.” On the opposite bank of the river stands a hill with a cave going through it, therefore the hill came by the name “pierced-through hill.” A hook-shaped rock, called the “golden hook,” protruded from near the hilltop, and another rock is found at the foot of the hill, which resembles a living frog ready to jump into the stream at any time.

The Moon Hill

      A bout one kilometer from the banyan tree lies a hill whose peaks tower the sky as if it is fondling with clouds. the hill has a cave with a diameter of 11 meters looking just like a full moon, hence the name. viewed form different angles, the cave takes different shapes, just as the moon changes shape with the elapse of time; this is one of the major charms of yangshuo.
     Fuli is a very small town in yangshuo, with a mere population of 1,000. Nearly a third ofits people work with traditional chinese arts and crafts , making painted

folding fans, framing calligraphy or painting. Most of them get rich by selling these handicrafts to tourists. former us president bill clinton called their fans “natural air-conditioners” when he visited yangshuo in 1998, bringing unexpected fame as well as cash to the town.

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