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Tour in Hangzhou
If there is a heaven on earth then this is it! Noted for its natural beauty and cultural heritage, the city of Hangzhou offers a very special cultural experience, and with its charming west lake, it attracts many tourists. It is here that the famous grand canal ends. The city is famed also for two major chinese inventions - silk and tea; products you may wish to seek out during your visit along with other local goods. The city was much vaunted in his writings by the famous italian explorer - Marco Polo. Leading attractions here include the Six Harmonies Pagoda, Red Carp Pond, the Lingyin Temple...
Day 01 Arrival in Hangzhou
Our guide will meet you outside the baggage claim area at Hangzhou airport or the railway station and transfer you to the hotel. Visit the Six Harmonies Pagoda.
Six Harmonies Pagoda - the Six Harmonies Pagoda, Liu He Ta in Chinese, is located on the Yuelun hill by the side of the Qiantang river. It's first built in the northern Song Dynasty. Later, it was rebuilt in the Southern Song Dynasty and repaired in the Qing Dynasty. Six Harmonies Pagoda is the one of the famous attractions in Hangzhou city. The tourists can not only appreciate the majestic appearance of the pagoda but also have a good view of the qiantang river scenery.
Day 02 Hangzhou
Visit the West Lake, the Red Carp Pond and the Lingyin temple.
The West Lake - the West Lake lies in the west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is very famous at home and abroad for the natural beauty of lakes and mountains and numerous historical relics. No matter when you are going to visit the lake, different seasons bring you different feeling and surprise you as much as your expected.   
Red Carp Pond - the Red Carp Pond is the highlight of the Huagang Guanyu park (park of viewing fish at flower harbor), which is one of the ten most famous places of interests in the West Lake scenic area. In the pond, there are countless red carps. It fascinates thousands of visitors each year.   
Lingying Temple - the temple is located by the side of the Feilaifeng peak, not far from the West Lake. Lingying Temple is also called Yunlin Temple. It was first built in 326 in eastern Jin Dynasty. It's one of the ten most famous ancient temples in China. During the Five Dynasties, the Lingying Temple experienced two times' enlargement. In history, there are as many as 3000 monks in the temple.
Day 03 Departure from Hangzhou

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