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Tour in Chengdu and Jiuzaigou
Natural habitat of the giant panda and the place where delicate local snacks are among the highlights of the tour package. as the capital of the 'heavenly state' - sichuan province, chengdu has a profound historical and cultural heritage. you will be captivated by its historic sites and natural beauty such as mt. leshan and emei as well as jiuzhaigou and huanglong valley...  in addition the sanxingdui museum and the famous sichuan cuisine are musts during your trip.
Day 01Arrival in Chengdu
our guide will meet you outside the baggage claim area at chengdu airport and transfer you to the hotel. the rest of the day is on your own to explore the city.
Day 02Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou
visit the chengdu research base of giant panda breeding. take flight to jiuzhaigou and transfer to the hotel.(b+l+d)
chengdu research base of giant panda breeding - the base was built in 1987 to protect the endangered chinese “national treasure”. now, it has become a research center with advanced world levels. the base has built giant panda museum, giant panda playground, swan lakes, veterinary hospital, laboratory and other facilities. here, luxurious trees and verdant bamboos can be seen everywhere. it is an ideal habitat for giant pandas and other endangered rare wildlife.
day 03jiuzhaigou
full day tour to valley scenic and historical interest area to visit the multi-coloured lake, nuorilong fall, long lake and the pearl beach.(b+l+d)
jiuzhaigou valley - the well-known jiuzhaigou is a 35 kilometers long valley with diverse natural beauty. it consists of three main valleys which are at an altitude of about 2,500 meters. the well-protected virgin forests and 108 clear lakes, making the 60,000 hectares of fairyland.    
multi-colored lake - it is the smallest and most colorful lake in jiuzhaigou valley. it is like a large sapphire inlaid in the virgin forests. it is world-famous for a profusion of colors and limpidity. in the same lake, some waters are azure, some waters are light green and some are orange.   
nuorilong fall - nuorilang means majestic and grand waterfall in tibetan language. at an elevation of 2,365 meters, the fall is 300 meters wide and 20 meters high. the surging currents rush passionately and dash down in a series of cascades. in the morning, many rainbows can be seen hanging up in the valley in the sunshine, which makes the nuorilang fall more charming and attractive.   
long lake - it is the longest lake in jiuzhaigou scenic area with the shape of 's' hidden in the valleys. the lake meanders for miles, with snow-capped peaks, colorful forests, blue sky and white cloud mirrored in the crystal clear water.   
pearl beach - it is a large calc-sinter flow fanned out the scraggy beach. the clear waters race down the pale yellow beach and tumble down the rocks, throwing up drops of spray - like pearls glowing in the sunshine.
day 04jiuzhaigou - huanglong - chengdu
transfer to huanglong. visit the huanglong monastery and the multi-coloured pools with hundreds of steps. take flight to chengdu and transfer to the hotel.(b+l)
huanglong scenic and historical interest area - situated in the songpan county in the northwest of sichuan, huanglong is world-famous for its colorful lakes formed by calcification, snow-capped peaks, glaciers, mountain landscape, diverse forest ecosystems, waterfall and hot springs. the colorful pools of different sizes and shapes show various dreamlike colors, yellow, blue, green and blown. it was listed as a world natural and cultural heritage by the unesco in 1992.
day 05departure from chengdu

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