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Tour in Guiyang and Kaili
Unique ethnic customs, exotic flavors and natural scenery are all part of the special guiyang travel package. Here you can see the beautiful and grand Huangguoshu Waterfall (third largest in the world), Jiaxiu pavilion, Qianling park, Hongfu temple and the dragon place, all of which are contained in this select tour package. In addition, the featured folk culture and traditions will provide an excellent opportunity to see something of the colorful activities of chinese ethnic minority people.
Day 01Arrival in Guiyang
Our guide will meet you outside the baggage claim area at Guiyang airport and transfer you to the hotel. Visit Qingyan old town, time permitting.
Descriptions: Qingyan old town - located in the south suburb of Guiyang city, Qingyuan old town is one of the famous old towns in Guizhou. built in 1378, the town follows the layout of the ming and qing dynasties. The ancient buildings are quite imposing. The carved columns and painted beams are incomparable and ingenious. Though some of them were out of repair, they still look attractive and strongly worth seeing.
Day 02Guiyang - Kaili (Miao ethnic minority villages)
Drive to Kaili and check in at the hotel. Visit a long-skirt Miao village. You will experience the Miao people's daily life by visiting the local families. Meanwhile, you can appreciate the Miao people's typical architecture - wooden stilt house. Afterwards, continue to visit the traditional way of paper-making in Shiqiao Miao village and another long-skirt Miao village - Boji Miao village. You will be deeply impressed by the different folk customs and dresses. Transfer back to kaili.(B+L)
Qingman Miao village - Located about 14 miles to the southwest of Kaili, Qingman Miao village is built along the mountain contours. Surrounded by green mountains and rivers, it is the sweet home to over 300 households and 1,600 Miao people. The unique wooden stilt houses put up range upon range are indeed a splendid scene to see!
The wooden stilt house - by making use of steep hillside, the local people use wood to build their houses, whose structure is jointed by tenon and mortise, without a single snail or rivet. The layers of these houses look very much like pyramid-shaped structure from afar, spectacular indeed!
Paper-making in Shiqiao Miao village - Shiqiao paper is smooth, white, and difficult of bursting. It is said that the paper making in Shiqiao Miao village has a history of over 1,000 years. By using han people's experience, the local Miao people use high-quality spring water, tree roots and bark to make papers. Their craft of paper making is regarded as a “live fossil”. Come to Shiqiao, you'll have a chance to witness how they make papers.
Boji Miao village - shaped like a dustpan, Boji Miao village is located in Danzhai county where the land is beautiful and fertile. Over 100 households live here generation after generation. The life in this old village is quite serene and bucolic.
Day 03Kaili (Miao ethnic minority villages)
Visit the local market in the morning. Afterwards, drive to visit the jidao miao village and langde miao village. Transfer back to Kaili.(B+L)
Nanhua Miao village - built up to the mountains, Nanhua Miao village is hidden in green pines and cypresses. The clear bala river slowly flows around the village. The folkway here is simple and honest. The highlight is the unique Miao clothes. The local Miao girls wear 2.6 feet-long pleated skirt and 3.3 feet-long cattle horn headdress, which is quite striking to newcomers.
Langde Miao village - located about 31 miles to the south of kaili city, Langde Miao village is a beautiful place surrounded by green mountains and rivers. Come here, you will see the classical wooden stilt houses, winding mountain paths, well-preserved wind and rain bridge and delicate miao clothes; You will hear the sweet songs floating in the valley and the babble of brooks meandering among mountains. You will be deeply impressed by the beautiful scenery and the unique folk customs.
Day 04Departure from Kaili - Guiyang

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