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Tour in Pingyao
Listed as a world heritage site, Pingyao, dates from the Ming and Qing dynasties and is one of China's finest old cities. The tour package will ensure that you savor this historic place with its ancient city wall and unique ming architecture to the full. Your Pingyao travel will include a visit to the Qiao family's compound, Ming - Qing street, the Chenghuang temple, the Ri Sheng Chang financial house, Shuanglin Monastery, etc., while your visit will be enriched by a trip to nearby Taiyuan city.
Day 01Entry Pingyao
Our guide will wait for you outside the baggage claim area at the Taiyuan airport ahead of the flight schedule. Transfer you to Pingyao and check into the hotel for 2 nights stay. Have a visit to Qiao's compound on the way. 
Qiao's compound - it lies in the Qiaojiabao village, Qi county, about 30 kilometers northwest from the historical and cultural city - Pingyao. It is the ancient private residence of Qiao Zhiyong, a famous commercial and financial capitalist. The residence was originally built in 1756, the 20th year of the reign of emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty. It is a large and magnificent architectural complex, looking like a completely closed castle. The whole compound with many buildings are finely laid out and artfully designed. The carved brickwork, wood carvings and colored paintings can be seen everywhere. It is no wonder that this compound is reputed to be one bright pearl of folk residences of northern China.

ancient Ming-Qing street in Pingyao
Day 02Pingyao
Today's tour brings you to the city wall, the Ming - Qing street, the temple of city god, the Ri Sheng Chang financial house and the Tongxinggong ancient bank bodyguard establishment in Pingyao ancient town and the Shuanglin Monastery. 
City Wall - the construction of the ancient city wall was started in 827 BC and finished in 728 BC (the reign period of King Xuan of the western Zhou dynasty). It was a rammed-earth fortification at that time. In 1370 of the Ming dynasty, it was rebuilt into a brick and stone city wall for military defense. The city wall looks square in plane. There are six city gates withHanging bridges over the moat. Now, it is one of the existent complete city walls in China and has been listed as the world cultural relics.   
Ming-Qing street -  it is the south street of Pingyao and one highlight of the cultural heritage of the ancient city. Since ancient times, the street is the most prosperous commercial center in Pingyao. Although it is only 750 meters long and not very wide, hundreds of various shops stand on both sides of the old street. The shops are the ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties.   
Temple of City God - the preserved Temple of City God is in the style and standard of the Qing dynasty. Covering an area of 7,302 square meters, the grand temple is on a large scale with a tasteful arrangement. It is an ancient Taoist temple having a rich content of historical culture of China, which blends the culture of confucianism, taoism and folk customs.   
Ri Sheng Chang Financial House - Ri Sheng Chang is the first money exchange shop in China as well as the founder of Chinese modern banks. It played an important role in Chinese financial business for about one century from the establishment during the reign of the emperor Daoguang of the Qing dynasty to bankruptcy in 1914.   
Shuanglin Monastery - Shuanglin Monastery is one time-honored buddhist monastery. Here, the ancient buildings, painted clay sculptures, murals, the stone steles of the Song dynasty and the bell of the Ming dynasty are the rare treasures.
Day 03Pingyao - Taiyuan exit

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