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Tour in Chongqing and 3 Gorges Cruise

The city tour package to Chongqing - China's fourth municipality with the largest population, will offer you an unusual opportunity. Different Chongqing tour itineraries have been thoughtfully devised based on its cultural heritage and stunning attractions including the Dazu Grottos, Chongqing Zoo (home to giant pandas) and the tasteful peasant painter village. The city is the starting point for the Yangtze river cruise but is noted also for its famous Chafing dish (hot pot) as well as excellent Sichuan cuisine, features you should not miss during your stay in Chongqing .


Day 01 Arrival in Chongqing
You'll be met upon arrival outside the baggage claim area at the Chongqing airport with private transfer. Take a brief city tour to the panda house in Chongqing Zoo and the residence of general Joseph W. Stilwell if the time permits. After a rich buffet dinner at the 5-star hotel, transfer to board the luxury new century cruise ship. Your memorable Yangtze river tour begins at 22:00 as the ship sets sail.

Chongqing Zoo - built in 1953, the Chongqing Zoo is located in the west suburbs of Chongqing municipality. In 1954, it was open to visitors as a park named the west suburb park. In 1958, the park was renamed as Chongqing Zoo since various kinds of animals were exhibited there. Today, the zoo features a collection of 1,200 animals, such as giant pandas, golden monkeys, wildebeests and cassowaries. Additionally, it serves as the breeding base of giant panda and south China tiger

Day 02Chongqing - Fengdu
Disembark for an excursion to the Fengdu Ghost city. (alternate Shibaozhai).The captain's welcome reception party will be followed by an a La Cater dinner in the evening.(B+L+D)

Ghost City - the Fengdu Ghost city is situated on the Ming mountain on the northern bank of the Yangtze river. Named as the Pingdu mountain in ancient times, the Ming mountain is one of the 72 blessed spots in Taoism. The Chinese legend says that the Fengdu Ghost City is the final home of the people's souls. In this “spirit world”, supernal beings dwelling in the temples on the mountain assume their respective roles to govern the hell according to strict laws and rules. On lunar March 3rd every year, the temple fair is held there as well as some other Chinese shows.

Day 03 Badong (Shennong stream) - Xiling Gorge
Sailing through the Qutang Gorge and later the Wu Gorge. Disembark at Wushan Daning river for an excursion to the Shennong stream. In the afternoon, continue sailing into western section of the Xiling Gorge. At 18:00, pass through the Three Gorges ship lock and a La Carte dinner is served for you.(B+L+D)
Qutang Gorge - Qutang Gorge, only 8 kilometers long, is the shortest one among the Three Gorges. But the grand and precipitous cliffs, narrow and sinuous riverway, impetuous and surgent torrent make this part of Yangtze river the most exciting and imposing. Also there are many to see along Qutang Gorge, like Daxi culture heritage site, ancient Plank Road, Iron Lock pass, Bellows Gorge, Meng Liang stairway, Chalk Wall, ancient Fengjie county, Baidi city, etc. 
 Wu Gorge - among the Three Gorges of Yangtze river, Wu Gorge which is in the middle is the most beautiful one because of its elegant and graceful view. Also known as Da Xia (large gorge), Wu Gorge starts from the estuary of Daning river (Wushan county, Chongqing) in the west and ends at Guandukou (Badong county, Hubei) in the east, altogether 40 kilometers. Passing through Wu Gorge by the cruise, it is like putting yourself in a gallery which has the biggest stage in the world. 
 Xiling Gorge - Xiling Gorge, the last part of the upriver Yangtze river, was once the most dangerous part of the river because of the numerous reefs, riffles, decharges and rocks. But after years of rectification and improvement on the riverway, and the built of the Gezhou Dam, the current became gently and mildly. Besides the scenery along the way, Xiling Gorge is famous for its anabranches. Taking a canoe to go deep into the steams and explore the caves is definitely a highlight your Yangtze adventure.

Day 04 Departure from Yichang
After a whole night sailing, the ship will stop at the Sandouping village. You will disembark for visit the grandest hydroelectric project in the world. It is still in the process and planned to complete by the year of 2009. After complete the cruise tour, our local guide will expect you on board with comfortable private transfer to visit the Yichang Museum if time permits. Then see you off to the airport.(B+L)

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