Tour in Shanghai & Suzhou

Column:China City Tours Time:2023-12-05
Shanghai attracts tourists from all over the world, who enjoy the sightseeing and shopping as well as professionals who come to its thriving business centre.

Tour in Shanghai & Suzhou

Shanghai attracts tourists from all over the world, who enjoy the sightseeing and shopping as well as professionals who come to its thriving business centre. The surprising Shanghai trip we offer encompasses the Bund, Nanjing Road, Shanghai Museum and the Yuyuan Garden... There is also the distinguished Shanghai Cuisine, the spectacular Acrobatic Show and the nearby picturesque water towns to round off your visit.


Day 01Arrival in Shanghai

Our guide will meet you outside the baggage claim area at Shanghai Airport and transfer you to the hotel. Visit the Bund and the Nanjing Road.

Shanghai City - Shanghai, the largest city in China, has allured countless tourists to China. It is a city of modernization and reminiscence and a city of orient and occident. Westerners are drawn by its rich history and oriental charm. People from other Chinese cities are fascinated with modern face. There are both ancient Chinese architectures and western structures. The historical landmark the Bund and the modern ever-expanding Pudong area symbolize the ancient and modern faces of the metropolis respectively.

Day 02Shanghai - Suzhou

Take a soft seat train to Suzhou and transfer to the hotel. Visit the Garden of the Master of the Nets, the Tiger Hill and the Humble Administrator's Garden.(B+L)

Humble Administrator's Garden - The Humble Administrator's Garden is the largest among all the Chinese classical gardens in Suzhou, and this lush and distinctive garden is generally considered as the finest one in South China. With well spaced buildings, garden and water views, it possesses simple, extensive and natural appearances of the Ming style. The garden has passed through a succession of owner in the past almost five hundred years, and became a key cultural relic under national protection.
Tiger Hill - It has been a well-known destination for travel in Suzhou since hundreds year ago. Located in a low hill in Suzhou outskirt, the hill possesses natural beauty and legendary history and is so named for the hill looks like a crouching tiger in some direction, attracting visitors for its impressive rocks, deep dales, matchless scenery changing at all times. No wonder the famous poet Su Dongpo of the Song Dynasty claimed that it would be a great regret if being Suzhou without visiting the Tiger Hill.


Day 03Suzhou - Zhouzhuang - Shanghai

Drive to Zhouzhuang, the No. 1 Water Town of China. Visit the Hall of Shen's residence, a Qing style complex. Transfer to Shanghai.(B+L)

Zhouzhuang - As one of the most popular tourist destinations and famous water towns in China, the 900-year-old Zhouzhuang is located within Kunshan City of Jiangsu, very close to Suzhou and Shanghai. It is especially distinguished for its well preserved local residential houses of the Ming and Qing styles, elegant water views, profound history and cultural background. Traditional lifestyle and ancient architecture make it a tranquil land to retreat from turmoil of modern world.

Day 04Shanghai

Visit the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Museum and the Yuyuan Garden. Enjoy the Acrobatic Show at the Shanghai Centre Theatre.(B+L+D)

Shanghai Museum - Shanghai Museum is mainly composed of eleven galleries. The eleven galleries include galleries of Ancient Bronze, Ancient Sculpture, Ancient Porcelain and Ceramic Wares, Ancient Jade, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Paintings, Ancient Seals, Ancient Coins, Ming and Qing Furniture and Minority Nationalities' Art.
Yuyuan Garden - The visitors also shouldn't miss the “Dragon Walls” in Yuyuan Garden. The walls in the garden are decorated with dragon heads. The titles covered on the walls resemble the dragons' scales, symbolizing the bodies of the dragons. Hence, these walls are called “Dragon Walls”. Strangely, these dragons only have three or four claws.


Day 05Departure from Shanghai

Visit the Jade Buddha Temple. Then you will be transferred to the airport for your homeward flight.(B)

Jade Buddha Temple - Set up in 1882, the Jade Temple is a well-known Buddhist temple in Shanghai. The temple consists of several areas like the Halls of Heavenly Kings, the Hall of the Recumbent Buddha, the Main Hall and the Hall of Jade Buddha. Two jade Buddha statues were brought to Shanghai from Burma by sea. It also houses a lot of ancient sculptures, paintings and scriptures.

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