Tour in Xi'an

Column:China City Tours Time:2023-12-05
Xian, China's capital during the flamboyant and sophisticated Tang Dynasty, has so much to offer.

Tour in Xi’an

Xian, China's capital during the flamboyant and sophisticated Tang Dynasty, has so much to offer. This tour is designed to introduce you to the history and culture of this fascinating place. A visit to the incredible Terra Cotta Army is truly a highlight for your wonderful tour. This thriving modern city retains its impregnable walls and gates and the impressive Bell Tower, symbols of its glory and importance


Day 01: Arrival in Xian

Our guide will meet you outside the baggage claim area at Xian Airport which is 33 miles away in the north of the city and transfer you to the hotel.

Day 02: Xian

Visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum.

In the afternoon, visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the City Wall. (B+L+D)

Terracotta Warriors - The amazing Qin Terracotta Warriors have indeed attracted public attention. People may wonder who made them. They are the intelligent Chinese ancient laboring people. Endowed with unmatched skills, they miraculously created these exquisite works. Today you can find many artisans' names cut or printed on the surface of the figures. It is interesting that the warriors who look fierce and stable were probably made by the artisans from the central government, and those who look fresh and vivid may created by folk artisans who had rich life experience.
Big Wild Goose Pagoda - The Big Wild Goose Pagoda stands upright in the Da Ci'en Temple with a history of thousands of years, about 4 kilometers south from the downtown of Xian. Now it is the most famous pagoda extant in Xian, so it is regarded as the symbol of the ancient capital Xian. The square cone-shaped pagoda with a height of 64.5 meters looks magnificent and simple, so it is no wonder that it attracts many tourists from home and abroad every year.
City Wall - The City Wall of Xian is definitely the pride of Shaanxi. Old and firm circumvallation complemented by forest zone around the wall, moat and the ring road consist of a special and unique park. It is just like a shining necklace, decorating the ancient capital city of thirteen dynasties fairly pretty.


Day 03: Departure from Xian

Visit the Provincial History Museum and the Great Mosque. Then you will be transferred to the airport for your homeward flight.(B+L)

Shaanxi History Museum - As an ancient capital of 13 dynasties, Xian had been in the spotlight of Chinese history for over 1,100 years. In 1991, Shaanxi History Museum which is ten times bigger than its previous Shaanxi Museum was completed near to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. This grand building complex is archaistic in classical Tang style, designed with a combination of Chinese ancient garden and residence. Elegant white, black and grey are adopted to design the integrated color scheme of the museum. The tone well matches the profound traditional cultural ambiance of this modern space. 
Great Mosque - As the recordation on steles, the Great Mosque begun to be built since the first year of the reign of the Tang's seventh emperor, Tang Xuan Zong. Through restoration and expansion in several dynasties, especially in Ming and Qing, the mosque became a solemn and compact building complex, covering an area of more than 12,000 square meters. Chinese Moslems hold the tradition of residing around mosques. Therefore, the largest Moslem (mainly Hui people in Xian) community came into being around the Great Mosque and several other small mosques nearby.